The Blog of an avid Hiker, Birdwatcher, and general Nature enthusiast…

“Million Trees” Project

Just recently, I found someone’s blog, that was about the amount of carbon a tree can hold, and how this is a very important reason to keep up big forests because it could help with global warming and the giant fossil fuel problem that we have in this country, and world. A single Red Oak tree can hold 1600 pounds of carbon in it, and imagine how much an entire forest can hold. This makes me even more mad and emotional on Deforestation, because we are losing what we need to fix our global warming and carbon emmision problem. I really hope that eventually in one of these darn generations people will finally start to listen to science and try to actually fix the major problems that are down the road, because ignoring them is only going to hurt all of us in the long run.  This Million Trees project, will help reforest New york, by letting people plant trees outside of their homes. I think this is a great baby step into the war against Carbon. This is based on an article found on the website:

New Scientific Find

This past week, A new species of flying reptile was discovered, that lived anywhere between 220 or 65 million years ago. This find is very important for advocates of evolution because this find is the first solid evidence that proves that ‘modular evolution’ exists.

I personally believe very much so that evolution exists, and that it is completely possible, becuase i do not believe there is a better way to explain the phenomena of different species all coming around from simply nothing.

This new find, because of its relevance to Darwin, is aptly named Darwinopterus, because of the fact that it is proving one of his theories. Scientists are very surprised at this discovery, but also very excited because it is one step further into proving the theory of evolution.  I have much hope that Evolution will be much more widely accepted in years to come.

My Nature Blog

I have always been very interested in all aspects of Nature my entire life, I am a Nature-nerd, if you will. My goal with creating this is to talk and communicate with other people who like Nature as much as I do, and wish to learn more about It. I hike, I birdwatch (a lot), I look at leaves, insects, tracks, and just about anything else that is outside and that is not made by humans. I live in the subtropic Florida, and to my service this offers a wide variety of different species at all different times of the year. I also do a decent amount of hiking in the Appalachian Mountains, specifically in Shenendoah Valley, the Smokey’s and the Blue Ridge. Anything and Everything that anyone wishes to share about nature, especially in different countries or regions is more than welcome to post anything about ANY form of Nature, or anything about hiking as well. I look forward to communicating with people as enthusiastic about it as I am. Thank you..

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